🧍Download Avatars

How to Download Avatars and load them Dynamically

The very first thing to do is make sure you've created the SDK instance and setted the API KEY otherwise the calls won't work.

After that use that instance to call the different utilities provided by the SDK

In the next example we call the CA API adapting it at our preferences following the API guide provided here.

In the example we are calling the SDK functions inside the Widget Avatar Selection which creates a view of Avatar Cards displaying the thumbnail of each Avatar in form of pages.

Most of the calls return an Event Delegate once completed containing the returned structure from the previous call as Parameters that we can work with.

Once the Avatars metadata is downloaded it will come in format of an Array, Avatars Nfts, that can be expanded into its structure, giving you access to the diferent metadata, as Owner, Name, Description and the most important ones, Image and Asset, one contains the Thumbnail and the other the VRM link.

Once all the Thumbnails are loaded we can add the behaviour of the Avatar instantiation and for it we will use some of the functions provided by the Emergence Plugin. This requires some previous steps mentioned in the Unreal section regarding Pawn blueprint set up and animation retargeting.

Make sure you've added the Emergence VRMMesh as child of your default Skeletal Mesh in your Pawn blueprint.

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