V1RAL Project

Bringing NFT Collections to Life in the Metaverse

Introducing V1RAL

V1RAL is an innovative project by CryptoAvatars that aims to amplify your NFT experience in the metaverse. With a unique VRM avatar called V1RAL, featuring a TV head, your NFTs come to life, creating a visual impact in virtual environments.

Supported NFT Collections

Currently, V1RAL supports the following NFT collections through a manual process:

  1. Xcopy Grifters

  2. MoonBirds

  3. Goblin Town

Stay tuned for updates on additional supported collections.

Requesting Collection Integration

Want to see your NFT collection integrated with V1RAL? Just hop onto the CryptoAvatars Discord community and strike up a chat with us. We're always excited to discuss new integrations and help you out!

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