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Become a VRM supported PFP collection

The NFT ecosystem has seen a surge in PFP (profile picture) projects in 2021, with many offering 10k collectible NFTs in the form of 2D avatars that can be used on social media as profile pictures. These projects have helped onboard new users and introduce them to the world of NFTs, while also building strong communities.

As a creator of a PFP collection, you may be interested in exploring ways to enhance the capabilities and benefits of your project. One option is to provide VRM support to your entire PFP collection, enabling all community holders to access the full functionality of CryptoAvatars without the need for an additional token.

If you are the creator of a PFP collection and want to learn more about obtaining VRM support for your project, please join our Discord Community and get in touch with the team. Note that this feature is currently only available for Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism based NFTs.

Case study: Omnimorphs

Omnimorphs is the first external project to be fully integrated with VRM support on CryptoAvatars. The project features 9000 unique masked characters with a unique lore and has brought its vision to various metaverse platforms through experiences.

By partnering with CryptoAvatars, Omnimorphs is now able to offer its NFT holders the ability to use their Omnimorphs as avatars in the metaverse.

How can holders get to use their avatars?

To access their avatars, Omnimorph token holders can go to, log in with their Metamask wallet, and go to their profile to review their owned avatars.

The Omnimorphs NFT should appear in the list, and once selected, the avatar page will display the avatar in 3D and allow it to be used like any other avatar.

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