Get Started with CryptoAvatars Unity SDK


Unity-Versions Supports 2020.3.40f1 and later

Quick Overview

You can download OpenSource Avatars or get yours if they are already in your wallet as an NFT.

The process is very simple:

  • Download and Install Unity

  • Import the CryptoAvatars SDK as a UnityPackage or Project

  • Create your API Key if you don't have one

  • Open the CryptoAvatars Scene in Unity

    • If you want to use Open Source Avatars, Enter as Guest

    • If you want to use your Owned Avatars, Login with your CryptoAvatars Account

  • Once the avatar cards are loaded you can click Preview to download the Avatar

  • The avatar will be downloaded in a new brand folder called cryptoavatars and will be ready to use!

1. Install Unity 2020.3.40f1

You can download Unity for free and checkout different versions here or use the direct link for the 2020.3.40f1 here.

We encourage you to use Unity Hub to manage Unity Versions to ensure the proper version ussage.

Versions above 2020.3.40f1 may not work.

2. Download CryptoAvatars SDK

You can download the SDK and use the default scene to get started.

Download the SDK from GitHub as UnityPackage here.


Download the SDK from GitHub as a Unity Project here.

3. Open the SDK Starter Project

Add UnityPackage to your project by just clicking it while your project is open or if you downloaded as a Unity Project, load it from the UnityHub projects section by clicking Add.

Once it is added you can open it, it may take a while.

4. Create your API Key in CryptoAvatars.io

In order to get the API Key you must login in CryptoAvatars, there is a step by step guide here.

There will be a sample Scene where you can test and see how everything is put to work.

Unity-Version Supported is 2020.3.40f1, later versions may not work.

  • Install Unity here.

  • Open our sample Scene, you can download it from here as a Unity Package.

  • Install all the package dependencies you can check them up here.

  • Make sure you request an API KEY to get access and be able to make HTTP calls.

  • Once you have the Key you can set it up from the Inspector in the sample Scene.

  • Login if you want to access to your NFTs or use Open Source Avatars otherwise.

  • You will be able to play or preview the Avatar and that will download the VRM in your computer.


It is required you get an API KEY so the APP can make calls to CryptoAvatars API.

This API KEY will be used in CryptoAvatars.cs constructor.

5. Login

  • Playing as guest you will have access to Download and play with Open Source VRM Avatars and you will be able to see all the avatars listed in different collections but you won't be able to play with them upon login in.

  • If you Log In with your CryptoAvatars account, you will have access to the avatars asociated in your wallet.

6. Usage

  • Start the scene and login or join as guest

  • Select the VRM you want to use, you can choose Play or Preview, it will automatically download your avatar.

  • Sometimes Unity does not show your VRM downloaded:

    1. Go to your Asset folder, right click and select 'Show in Explorer'.

    2. Your Assets folder will contain a new folder called 'cryptoavatars'.

    3. Click on Unity again and wait till the project loads the VRM.

    4. Your VRM will be inside 'cryptoavatars' folder, included a prefab with VRM & character controller (Last Avatar played).

  • You can use this VRM to whatever you want.

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