3D Basics

A summary of the 3D model technical requirements.

CryptoAvatars allows avatar artists to mint single-edition VRM Avatars. Each Avatar is tokenized as a unique non fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain and Matic L2 providing long lasting value to their work.

Where to start

Every avatar in CryptoAvatars is interoperable, meaning that they can work on many different metaverse platform or applications. Platforms, like videogames, could be developed in different environments like Unity or WebGL. Also they should work on lower end systems too


If you want your avatar to be as interoperable as possible we recommended to optimize it as much as possible, here are the specs for Uploading Avatars to CryptoAvatars

Optimized VRM specs

  • Maximum of 25Mb

  • less than 15k triangles

  • Clean topology

  • Humanoid bone structure

  • 2 material instances

  • 2048x2048 texture size

  • Blendshapes (optional but highly recommended)

Specs overview

All the Optimal VRM specs are recommendations for you to take in consideration while making the avatar. We encourage all creators to follow them for good optimization practice. If you exceed them, youโ€™ll probably be able to surpass some of this limitations and mint in our platform anyway. But is at your own risk, some third party platforms might not be able to load your avatar.

  • Maximum of 25Mb

  • Recommended less than 15Mb

  • Between 15-20k triangles.

The more triangles the more information the platform will have process your avatar, try to keep it low, so more avatars can fit in the same room.

Clean topology

Having a nice topology will make your avatar move great. It helps a lot on the skinning process. And shaders will apply better to the model.

Humanoid bone structure

All VRMs share the same bone structure, this doesn't mean that your avatar has to be a regular human. It can be whatever you want, but whatever you make will have to be skinned to a humanoid structure. It has to โ€œhaveโ€ 2 arms, 2 legs, the torso and a head.

You can see different avatars in our 100Avatars project for inspiration. Imagination is the limit.

2 material instances.

Try to have it into 1 and use 2 for special things, the more materials the more computing power will require to load your avatar. Some platforms might not be able to load it if you over exceed their limits

Remember to collapse all the meshes at the end of the modelling process.

2048x2048 texture size.

Pretty standard, but same recommendation as materials, try to keep it low.

Blenshapes, or Visemes

This are a standard approach for making expressive facial animations. It's a simple, but super effective way to make your avatars a lot more lively.

It is not mandatory to have visemes on your avatar but if it doesnโ€™t have any it wont be able to move itโ€™s mouth while talking, blink eyes or track your face expression in AR software.

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