How to use

Avatar Webcam is designed to enhance your digital identity on the internet. Designed for those who want to bring their virtual identity into their day to day social interactions.

First Time

When you open Avatar.Webcam for the first time youโ€™ll have a pop up asking for you to install the Virtual Camera.

It is requiered to install it in order to allow Avatar Webcam to work.

Log in

Once you have opened the app you can have 3 different options

  • Connect with MetaMask.

  • Use as a Guest

  • Load VRM

Connect with Metamask

Connecting your wallet will allow you to view the avatars you own.

To verify your wallet weโ€™re using Web3.unity SDK from ChainSafe.

We recommend to be logged on your Metamask wallet on your default browser before launching Avatar Webcam.

Let start!

Once the app is open select connect with Metamask.

This will open your default web browser, asking you to log in.

Sign the petition.

Now that your signature is complete, it will ask you co click copy.

Once is copied you can get back to Avatar Webcam, a pรฒp up message should be displayed to confirm the address that just logged in.

Now you can use all the CryptoAvatars or verified collections that you have in the Owned Tab.

Use as a Guest

You dont need to have an Ethereum wallet connected to use Avatar Webcam, there are hundreds of Open Source avatars that youโ€™ll be able to use for free.

Just click on the Use as Guest button and check the open source tab in the Avatar selection Menu.

Load VRM

Can load any VRM file you got stored on your PC.

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