Become Verified

Create and Share Unique Avatars on CryptoAvatars

CryptoAvatars offers a way to become a Verified Artist to those who wish to showcase their high-quality VRM avatars and gain additional benefits.

Requirements for Verification

To be considered for verification, artists must submit a fully optimized VRM with BlendShapes. Our team will review the submitted VRM to ensure it meets our quality standards for the Verified Collection.

Our team will review your submission, perform a manual check to verify your identity, and provide feedback or approval.

Some Benefits of becoming a verified creator:

  1. Proving your identity and authenticity.

  2. Showcasing your skills and expertise.

  3. Minting avatars on the verified Ethereum contract.

  4. Accessing early beta testing of new platform features.

How to Get Verified

To start the verification process, simply join the CryptoAvatars Discord community and hit up the team to ask about getting verified. We'll ask you to Send over your fully optimized VRM with BlendShapes, and we'll take a look, give you some feedback, and let you know if you're approved!

Or you can just fill out this form and our team will be in touch shortly.

We look forward to seeing your creations on CryptoAvatars!

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