Frequently Asked Questions


What is CryptoAvatars?

CryptoAvatars is a platform that allows artists to create and mint unique, authentic, and verifiable avatars in the form of NFTs. We use blockchain technology and the VRM file format to ensure the interoperability and verifiability of our avatars across various virtual reality and metaverse platforms.

How does CryptoAvatars use technology?

CryptoAvatars utilizes blockchain technology to securely and verifiably store its avatars in the form of NFTs. We currently operate on Ethereum and Polygon networks, and use IPFS as a decentralized storage solution to ensure that our avatars are always accessible. In addition, we utilize VRM, a file format specifically designed for avatars, to ensure compatibility with a wide range of platforms and applications.

Why choose CryptoAvatars?

CryptoAvatars is a platform that allows users to protect their digital identities across the metaverse. Without a way to prove ownership over 3D avatars and track their transactions, it can be difficult to ensure the authenticity and security of virtual identities. By using blockchain technology, CryptoAvatars offers a solution to these issues, allowing users to protect their virtual identity and ensure its authenticity no matter where they take it.

Use Cases

Our avatars are designed to be used on a variety of platforms, including Metaverse Platforms, Vtubing Apps, Games, and Social Media. The VRM file format ensures compatibility with these platforms. Be sure to check the licensing and commercial use restrictions of each avatar to ensure proper usage. You can find a full list of examples here: Use Cases

Where our avatars come from?

Our avatars come from a variety of sources, including:

  • Anybody who wants to create an avatar on CryptoAvatars

  • Curated avatar creators who have been whitelisted by our team

  • Third-party PFP projects and NFTs that we have transformed into fully functional 3D avatars

This allows us to offer a diverse selection of avatars for users to choose from and ensures that there is something for everyone on our platform.


How do I get a CryptoAvatar?

Choose from a variety of avatars on the marketplace, commission your own from an artist int he community, or keep an eye out for special events on our social media channels. All you need is a Metamask wallet to get started.

How do I use my CryptoAvatar?

To use your CryptoAvatar, simply navigate to your profile at CryptoAvatars.io/profile, select an avatar and click on 'Use Avatar'. This will open a variety of options for you to choose from, such as downloading the VRM file or using interoperable collections that only require you to own the original NFT. For more information, check out our How to use your CryptoAvatar section.


How do I join CryptoAvatars as a creator?

To join CryptoAvatars as a creator, go to CryptoAvatars.io/create-avatar and upload a VRM file. Your avatar will be minted in the Free For All collection. If you want to become a verified artist and mint avatars in the Original Avatar collection, you can apply at CryptoAvatars.io/artist-application. If your application is approved, you'll be whitelisted and able to mint avatars in this collection after completing an onboarding process.

Why should I get verified?

Verified artists get the opportunity to mint avatars in the Original Avatar collection, which offers additional benefits such as copyright protection and licensing options. Verification also allows you to join the ranks of skilled creators on the platform and get special perks and early access to new features.

What do I need to get verified?

To get verified, you'll need to demonstrate your technical skills in creating optimized avatars with Blenshapes animations for facial expression. If you're already skilled in this area, you can request verification here.

How CryptoAvatars benefits avatar creators

CryptoAvatars provides a platform for artists to showcase and monetize their work through the creation and sale of NFT avatars. It also offers ownership verification and storage on the decentralized IPFS network, as well as licensing options for creators.

Technical Details

To ensure interoperability across a wide range of platforms, it's important to optimize your avatars as much as possible. We recommend using a humanoid rigging system and aiming for less than 15k triangles in your models. For more information, visit the Avatars section on our website.

For more details visit the 3D Basics section.

Minting, Selling & Royalties

To mint an avatar click on Create at the top right of the website.

To sell an avatar you first need to mint it. Once itโ€™s done go to OpenSea or any other NFT marketplace and follow the instructions there.

Royalties. There is a 10% fee (we're working with Opensea to lower this at the moment)for any avatar minted on the curated collection in Opensea. OpenSea takes a 2.5% cut. So a total of 12.5%. Artists receive 87.5%.

Royalties. There is a 5% fee for any avatar minted on the Free For All collection in Opensea. OpenSea takes a 2.5% cut. So a total of 7.5%. Artists receive 92.5%.

How do I mint an avatar?

To mint an avatar, click on the "Create" button at the top right corner of the CryptoAvatars website. Follow the prompts to upload your avatar and select the collection you wish to mint it in. Make sure to follow the guidelines for each collection to ensure your avatar is eligible for minting.

How do I sell my avatar?

Once you have minted your avatar, you can sell it on a marketplace like OpenSea. Simply follow the instructions on the marketplace to list your avatar for sale.

What are the royalty fees for selling an avatar on the curated collection?

There is a 10% fee for selling an avatar that was minted in the curated collection on a marketplace like OpenSea. In addition, OpenSea takes a 2.5% cut of the sale. Therefore, the total fees for selling an avatar from the curated collection are 12.5%, and the artist will receive 87.5% of the sale. (we're working with Opensea to lower to 5% at the moment)

What are the royalty fees for selling an avatar on the Free For All collection?

There is a 5% fee for selling an avatar that was minted in the Free For All collection on a marketplace like OpenSea. In addition, OpenSea takes a 2.5% cut of the sale. Therefore, the total fees for selling an avatar from the Free For All collection are 7.5%, and the artist will receive 92.5% of the sale.


How can I benefit from CryptoAvatars?

By integrating our avatar collections into your project, you can give users the ability to use their own 3D avatars or choose from our vast catalog of over 15,000 avatars. This helps to create a more immersive and personalized experience for users, and also supports creators and other developers by promoting interoperability.

How can I integrate CryptoAvatars into my project?

We've developed a range of tools to make it easy to integrate our system into your project, including an API and a Unity SDK. We're also working on an Unreal SDK, which will be available soon. By using these tools, you can easily add support for CryptoAvatars to your project.

PFP Collections

I own a PFP collection, how can I get integrated?

To become a VRM supported PFP collection, you will need to convert your avatars into 3D files (FBX, GLB, VRM, GLFT). You can either do this yourself using various tools and software available, or you can reach out to the CryptoAvatars team to provide this service for you. Once you have your 3D files, our team integrate your PFP collection into the platform.

This will allow holders of your NFTs to access the full functionality of CryptoAvatars and use their avatars in the metaverse. Only available for Ethereum main net or Polygon based NFTs for now.

What does it really mean to get integrated into cryptoavatars?

Integrating your PFP collection means that your avatars will be available for use on the CryptoAvatars platform, as well as being accessible through the API and SDK.

Benefits of allowing access to a 3D avatar

Interoperability: With the use of the VRM file format, Cryptoavatars can be used across a wide range of virtual worlds and platforms, providing greater flexibility and reach for your NFT collection.

This will allow your community to use their PFPs as 3D avatars on various metaverse platforms and applications. Additionally, will allow you to benefit from the ownership verification provided by our platform. You can contact us through this form to learn more about the integration process and how we can support you in converting and integrating your PFP collection into 3D avatars on CryptoAvatars.

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