Welcome to CryptoAvatars

CryptoAvatars allows people to mint 3D avatars as NFTs and use them across multiple virtual worlds and streaming applications.

CryptoAvatars enables creator verification, buyer verification, commercial use, copyright use, interoperability across platforms and avatar creation tools.

Be anything, anywhere

Embrace your unique identity and express it in the metaverse. Our platform offers a wide range of virtual reality avatars for you to collect and use as your personal identity.

One Identity, Many Platforms

CryptoAvatars allows you to express your unique identity in the virtual world with ease. Choose an avatar, and our platform will ensure it works around the metaverse. Thanks to our use of the VRM file format, your avatar will always look exactly as you want.

For Artists

The CryptoAvatars platform allows artists to create unique, authentic, verifiable and licensed avatars in the form of NFTs, providing a unique and innovative way to showcase and monetize their work.

Every artist must follow our rules when minting an avatar. We donโ€™t allow any copyrighted material.

Our Background

Our avatar adventures began back in 2017, when we created a collection of 100 open source avatars, later on called 100 avatars. These avatars quickly gained popularity on the VRChat platform and have been appearing in various media outlets. As we explored different virtual worlds, we noticed a lack of avatar verification and protection. Without a simple way to safeguard custom virtual identities, they can easily be stolen or copied. That's where we saw the potential for using blockchain technology to provide verifiable and unique avatars for creators and buyers.

Through the use of blockchain technology the VRM file format, CryptoAvatars aims to provide a secure and accessible way to protect and showcase digital identities in the metaverse.

CryptoAvatars is a company created by Polygonal Mind.

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